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How to choose the right life partner for a better future.

The dream of every individual in any relationship is to be with that picture perfect person who will always do as you want or expected ,that God fearing man/woman who never smokes, doesn't drink alcohol, so caring, loving,beautiful or handsome, wow! everybody likes that, because with such a person you can live longer ,healthier and happy, this is so exciting but the problem is,How do you really find such a person? ,how do I get the right girl or man in my life?

These questions should be taken seriously if you wish to make a happy and prosperous relationship or family life, many people have ended up in a regretful unhappy relationships where they are being forced to marry a person against their will as a result of lack of planning and control,

By planning and control ,I mean taking your time as a man to decide the kind of girl you would like to marry as a wife and sticking to your decision, some people may desire to marry a beautifu and God fearing Christian girl with good charact…

How to know if your girlfriend/boyfriend really loves you(Love Test)

Its always hurting to discover that the one you loves and thinks of everyday does not love you in return, most people especially boys cannot bear this and may even try to take revenge for all their wasted love,

most people believe that all girls love money more than anything and therefore rich guys always thinks that all women loves them and are willing to be with them ,this may seem true because majority always caries the votes, but when we talk of real true love,it transcends money and material things.

But how do one know a real true love especially when the money is also there ? because many girls/boys can pretend a lot just for money and at the end break the heart of their lovers when they have gotten what they want.

Below are some some simple ways to help you know if your partner really loves youFor men

*A girl that really loves you will always stand by you even when you have nothing.

*She can do anything just to make you happy.

*She won't care if you give her money or not, …

How to build a beautiful relationship(True Friendship).

Building a beautiful prosperous relationship is not usually an easy job as people do see it, but first of all ,what's a beautiful relationship?
well, a beautiful relationship is simply a relationship where the two people involved knows what they actually wants from their relationship and sticks to its principles, thereby enabling them achieve their aim and be happy in the end. People who built their relationship well can never think of divorce when married, they always thinks of each other even at old age,
when I say "relationship" ,

I don't mean DATING only, relationship can be Friendship, Courtship or dating, Friendship is the best and most powerful of them all, because if you luckily gets a good true friend, courtship or dating may not be necessary when you decides to marry each other, and what's a friend? A friend is one who …. Sees your first drop of tear … …Catches the second ….. Stops the third … … and turns the fourth into a Smile ♥♥♥ ,

A true friend is…

Motivational quotes that can uplift you beyond your dreams

Life is not always what we expect it to be, sometimes people are frustrated in life, many have been disappointed by the ones they love, some have failed in one way or the other ,
at this moment you thinks you're a failure,
you feels like ending your life,
you are so heart broken to the extent that you asks "God why",
your heart tells you to just end your life now and be free from all your troubles,
BUT no ,my brethren a voice cries out saying Cheer up, God still loves you, this is not the end of life,
a failure in business is not a failure forever,
a failure in exams is not a failure forever, that you failed today doesn't mean you can never rise and achieve anything again,
All that is required of you is to rise each time you fail and cheer your self up,
forget about that person that broke your heart,
forgive them and move on with your life,
failure are meant to strengthen you,to make you stronger, so don't kill yourself because of a simple mistake, don'…

Dangers of premarital sex and how to avoid it.

In this article, we are going to be discussing about the Negative effects of premarital sexual intercourse and ways to restrain from it.

In our world today, sex has become so common that one cannot tell if a ten year old child is still a virgin or not, many people misunderstands what sex really is, people assumes and believes its just for pleasure and reproduction, and also believes its just ordinary ,

Its this assumption and belief that have been misleading our youths into having premarital sex and thereby ruining themselves, but unfortunately for people, there's more to sex than we know.
Sex is not just an intercourse between between two people of opposite gender, Sex is not ordinary,
Sex is a spiritual encounter,

I repeat "a spiritual encounter" which means that anytime you has premarital sex with anyone, your automatically one with that person, and many of the person's spirits (especially bad ones) will be introduced into your soul and this may pose a risk to yo…