Dangers of premarital sex and how to avoid it.

In this article, we are going to be discussing about the Negative effects of premarital sexual intercourse and ways to restrain from it.

In our world today, sex has become so common that one cannot tell if a ten year old child is still a virgin or not, many people misunderstands what sex really is, people assumes and believes its just for pleasure and reproduction, and also believes its just ordinary ,
effects of premarital sex

Its this assumption and belief that have been misleading our youths into having premarital sex and thereby ruining themselves, but unfortunately for people, there's more to sex than we know.
Sex is not just an intercourse between between two people of opposite gender, Sex is not ordinary,
Sex is a spiritual encounter,

I repeat "a spiritual encounter" which means that anytime you has premarital sex with anyone, your automatically one with that person, and many of the person's spirits (especially bad ones) will be introduced into your soul and this may pose a risk to your destiny,

have you ever wondered why if an occultist has sex with a woman and the woman gives birth, that child will tend to have bad characters as he grows and may eventually end up like his/her father, this is one of the proofs that sex is a spiritual encounter.
Many destiny's has been locked up because of premarital sex, people has sex everyday with people they don't know just because they're friends on Facebook or they just met somewhere, some people even sleeps with random number of girls especially during Valentine seasons, which at the end will render them useless.

More Negative effects of premarital sex

* premarital sex may kill your passion.

you will discover that nothing pleases you anymore, you no more finds interest in any thing at all, and if you don't pray about it ,you may end up use less or as a tout.

* It decreases your brain power(memory loss):.

When you has sex,many hormones are being released from the brain ,you may not notice this because it takes time to manifest as you continues having sex with random number of girls/men, This is a gradual process which damages you and at the end you finds out your no more intelligent as you used to be

* It can block your destiny:.

Many people hustle and hustle everyday to earn a living yet they gets nothing, without knowing that their destiny's has been blocked because of an intercourse with a demonic girl or boy.
my brothers and sisters,if you must have premarital sex,at least make sure that you have achieved your destiny to a magnificent level(this is for your own good on earth,it doesn't mean premarital sex is allowed at this level).

* Unwanted pregnancy:.

This is the most common consequence of having premarital sex, it may lead you to committing abortion which in the process may take your life.

* Contracting of Sexually transmitted Diseases/Infections:.

Through premarital sex, you can contract deadly infections like HIV/AIDS, syphilis,staphylococcus etc which may be impossible to cure and therefore may lead to death.

* Frustrations and lack of concentration in life:.

This reduces your self esteem making you think low of your self and prevent you from discovering your talents.

* It may lead to death:.

premarital sex can lead to both death of the soul and the body, you will find out that you won't have energy to pray to your God,,you will only depend on sunday churches which u may not even pay attention to during the service.

There are many other demerits which were not listed here , but I believe this one helps. Now ,having seen the disadvantages of premarital sex, you may ask, but how can one avoid it? check out these steps below which can help you avoid premarital sex.

How To Abstain from Premarital Sex

* Avoid going to places where you may be seduced:.

Night parties and clubs are to be avoided if u want to stay away from sex, and also avoid visiting your opposite sex friends in their houses especially if they are living alone for loneliness is a great trap for sex .

* Avoid deep relationships between opposite sex:.

This you must observe especially when your in high school, if you want to stay away from sex.

* Stop watching porn/romantic movies:.

Most times what we see on TV is what induces the desires to have sex in us, movies involving naked girls, hot prolonged kissing scenes can cause sexual arousals in us which may make us to have sex at the end, avoid these kind of movies to save your self.

And finall y Pray to God to help you for its not really easy to control,and while you pray try to live a sex free life till you get married and see the joy in virginity,
Remember as a woman "your virginity is your pride" while as a man it makes you Worthy of being a child of God(this also applies to women).


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