How to choose the right life partner for a better future.

The dream of every individual in any relationship is to be with that picture perfect person who will always do as you want or expected ,that God fearing man/woman who never smokes, doesn't drink alcohol, so caring, loving,beautiful or handsome, wow! everybody likes that, because with such a person you can live longer ,healthier and happy, this is so exciting but the problem is,How do you really find such a person? ,how do I get the right girl or man in my life?

These questions should be taken seriously if you wish to make a happy and prosperous relationship or family life, many people have ended up in a regretful unhappy relationships where they are being forced to marry a person against their will as a result of lack of planning and control,
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By planning and control ,I mean taking your time as a man to decide the kind of girl you would like to marry as a wife and sticking to your decision, some people may desire to marry a beautifu and God fearing Christian girl with good character,,
yet when they see a girl that dressed like a prostitute and may not even be a Christian, they'll be tempted to befriend such girls just to have sex with her and at the end may get them pregnant and be forced to be a dad,,

even if the man didn't get her pregnant ,he may end up falling in love with such a girl because LOVE IS BLIND, by love is blind I mean that you can just befriend a prostitute just to have sex with her and after sometime ,you may suddenly fall in love with her and may end up marrying her in the name of love, now this has been one of the causes of divorce because its in marriage that true and real love manifests, I love you,I love you, doesn't mean love.,

Now let's discuss more on how to choose the right girl for the future,,


For your relationship in the near future to be sweet and a happy one you need to ask yourself, what kind of girl do I really need in my life? can I accept any girl? ,
this questions are personal questions because all men have their own choices ,

and as a woman you can live with any man even the Bible said so because a woman is expected to build her own man to her own specifications mostly before marriage,but due to civilization women can still make their own choice .,

Commonly, majority of men just wants a woman with a good character whether she's a virgin or not, if you are among this category of men, then this advice below will help you get one.,

* Start from the beginning to select the right person:. .

A Nigerian hiphop artist by name Zoro once sang in his song titled "landlady " in Igbo language saying mete onye di mma enyi maka onunu,which means that you should make a good friend for the sake of marriage,,

this implies that even if your 19 years old now, you should get a kind of girl that even if your asked to marry her you won't object, the mistake most men makes is to go and get a girl just because of her body curves even though they know they can't marry such girls and if asked why, they'll say ,I just want to be her friend for now for the sake of sex,besides she's an illiterate,

I can never marry her, and at the end because love is blind ,they will end up marrying such girls and after the marriage,,

they'll be looking for divorce, that's why you will see someone divorce his wife after a month of marriage, because sometimes we mistook LUST FOR LOVE,,
be careful the kind of friends you have now ,

You are the CEO of your life ,you have the right to delete any girl or man you don't want in your life now because after marriage ,your life will get a new CEO which is your partner,

READ to build a beautiful relationship

so ask yourself again, This your current girlfriend that you have now,which you tells "I love you" everyday,assuming your told that she will be your future wife ,will you agree? if you won't why do you still keep her and be hurting her feelings, oh you just want to take advantage of her and then dump her? think twice ,such plans always fails and you may get hurt.,

And as woman ask yourself the same question too, will you agree? for this your current boyfriend? if you won't, why still make him think that you love her? oh you just want to make money from him ,then you'll look for another man? be careful ,women are mostly hurt in this kind of game,think twice.,

Start making your future plans now,remember your future plans is not only how to make Money or whatever, it also includes your personal life,plan your relationship now,don't mess around with someone you don't like just because of what they have,try to be with the right person because of who they are and not what they have,

Secondly if you're among that category of men who likes educated lady's only whether beautiful or not , you can figure them out even at first sight, for example, try using correct English to talk to a girl for the first time you saw her ,in this way you can at least know that that she has some educational experience,

then afterwards ,let your discussions with her be mainly on school matters,you can talk about your days in college ,higher institutions etc,in this way you can know the extent of her education. this also applies to women.,

And now if your among that category of men who can take any girl as wife, who just want a beautiful girl with a good curvy body whether she has a good character or not,then your own case is easier and simple ,you can mingle with anyone, you can see it immediately with your eyes, very easy.
Have a nice day, hope this helps, show how you feel about this by commenting below.


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