How to know if your girlfriend/boyfriend really loves you(Love Test)

Its always hurting to discover that the one you loves and thinks of everyday does not love you in return, most people especially boys cannot bear this and may even try to take revenge for all their wasted love,

most people believe that all girls love money more than anything and therefore rich guys always thinks that all women loves them and are willing to be with them ,this may seem true because majority always caries the votes, but when we talk of real true love,it transcends money and material things.
True love blossoms like beautiful roses 

But how do one know a real true love especially when the money is also there ? because many girls/boys can pretend a lot just for money and at the end break the heart of their lovers when they have gotten what they want.

Below are some some simple ways to help you know if your partner really loves you

For men

*A girl that really loves you will always stand by you even when you have nothing.

*She can do anything just to make you happy.

*She won't care if you give her money or not, even when she ask you for money ,it will be for an important thing.

*A real girlfriend is one who walks in when the rest of your friends walk out !!!.

*She always apologizes for any simple mistake she does .

*She calls you when you forget to call her for a very long time.

*She always smiles when the two of you are talking.

For girls

*A boy that really loves you will hardly ask you for sex, it's those that don't love you that will just have sex with you,dump you and look for another girl.

*He sometimes asks you about your education and will always encourage you to Study hard.

*He always calls you even when he has nothing to say.

*He sometimes discusses his future plans with you

*When you're in an argument with him, he admits he's wrong just to please you and allow peace to reign.

*Sometimes he'll try to be stingy just to know how much you love him.

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When you love someone, you miss them more, cry when their not there and fear the worst when you haven’t heard from them..

True Love is when you have seen the best and the worst of someone, yet you still love them for what they have and what they are.

Take the love test below to know who you actually love in all your friends

LOVE TEST not jump any number for effective result.

12 signs that you are in love walk really slowly when your with him/her

2.You feels shy whenever he or she is around.

3.You smile when you hear his/her voice

4.When you look at him or her ,you can't see the other people around you, you just see him or her.

5.He or she is all you think about. realize your always smiling when your with him or her.

7.You would do anything just to see him or her

9.while reading this post ,there was one was person on your mind this whole time. just smiled because it's true.

11.You're so busy thinking about him/her that you didn't notice number eight was missing.

12.You just scrolled up to check and your now laughing silently at your self.

LOVE IS REAL, that person you thought about while reading this Love test is likely the one you really loves.
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