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10 Things you should never do after a breakup

Going through heartbreak from a breakup in a relationship can feel like being underwater when you need to breathe. We build our lives with someone we trust and care for, and then, in the blink of an eye, it’s all gone.
This can leave people feeling sorrow, anger, and some serious questions about themselves and the future. .
But you don't have to kill or worry yourself to death, that's how life is,sometimes we enjoy and other times we're hurt, human beings can change anytime ,its only God that never changes.
If you’re dealing with heartbreak and want to heal, Here are the things to do after a break up.

10 Things You Should Never Do After a Breakup:
1. Don’t hold a grudge.

Forgive them. Even if they’re not sorry. That doesn’t mean you have to get back together with them. You can forgive them, wish them well, and part ways. Forgiveness is an essential part of healing your broken heart. In order to move on, you need to forgive the other person.

2. Don’t be afraid to admit to yo…

8 Ways To Avoid sexual harrassment from lecturers in school.

Sexual harassment is one of the most rampart diseases of schools especially Nigerian Universities.
Many students are unknowingly caught up in the nets of dangerous lecturers, who force and threaten them with fire and brimstone until they have had their way. I have decided to share a few tips to help students avoid this malady.

8 TIPS TO AVOID SEXUAL HARASSMENT AS A FEMALE STUDENT. 1. Avoid unnecessary visits to lecturers:

Firstly, my dear Ladies, Stay away from lecturers by all means and by all course. I don't understand what Ladies mean by secretly going alone to a Lecturer's office in the name of "Please sir, explain blah blah blah, i didn't understand when you taught it in class.".

That's the best way to advertise yourselves to them. It's like you are fanning a flame. I don't understand people going to greet Lecturers in their offices, in the name of "They are contributing to our lives, let's say hi to them.".

The Police is protec…

10 signs that your relationship is coming to an end

Everyone loves a happy ending in their relationships however, not all love stories have happy endings. Some love stories just aren’t lucky or strong enough to withstand the harsh realities of life. Because the truth of the matter is, life doesn’t always give us what we want.

The perfect variables and parameters have to be set in order for our grandest expectations to be met. If we want that perfect kind of love that we find in movies and in books, then everything has to work out in very particular ways. However, life just doesn’t work like that and it doesn’t care about how you feel about it. Relationships end sometimes.

Love can fade. We all must understand these truths early on so we can brace for the emotional gravity of when these events do occur. We have to prepare ourselves for the possibility of harsh endings. Even if we play by the rules, things won’t always come out in our favor.

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So how do we prepare our…

7 signs that you're actually in a very good relationship

True love, sometimes people say it doesn't exist but I think it does exist in some unnoticed places.
Not everyone seems to be lucky enough to be able to realize somebody they love who loves them reciprocally, invariably have this in your mind whenever you discover yourself taking your relationship for granted.

Many times , we don't value the people that loves us and this can bring separation in our future relationships.

If we want to retain those we love in our lives, then we always have to be thankful and caring in all circles. We cannot afford to be self-satisfied
when it comes to expressing our love for one another. Yes, you'll bear your difficult patches, but that’s part of the game.

You have to learn how to cope with them in healthy ways and know that your love should be enough to pull you through.
Most people don’t invariably notice simply however lucky we've it once we’re in an exceedingly particular relationship. We take our relationships without any consider…

Hot Temper: A silent killer, Tips on how to control a hot temper

Hot temperament is a common condition especially among women,which refers to over reacting when provoked by someone or something or easily getting angry, it can also be referred to as ANGER OF THE HIGHEST ORDER or simply AN ANGER WITHOUT CONTROL

Temperament is a natural value in every human being which enables us react with little mercy where necessary, but it becomes bad when we over reacts and allows our selves to be lost in anger
Hot temperament or hot temper for short is a very bad attitude usually as a result of lack of self control of our anger,

Causes of hot Temper* Lack of Self control :. 

Self control is simply the ability of controlling yourself when your provoked, self control involves :.

*controlling your tongue ,that is knowing when to speak

*Knowing when to react etc

mostly ,People who becomes angry easily has the tendency of developing hot temper more easily, and if your the type that talks a lot, you will mostly be a victim,talking too much especially when quarrelin…

Points to consider before going into a relationship

Being in a relationship is not just something that we should hurriedly do,many people sometimes ends up heart broken because of a failed relationship, it all starts with a look,greetings,introductions, I love you, I love you, I'll die for you,etc, then boom!, he/she is now my ex, these days some people now has more than two ex-girl/boyfriends because of broken relationships ,some developed heart attacks because their partner left them .

sometimes these things happens to us because we are not prepared for a relationship, sometimes because we didn't do what's required of us.
And sometimes the MAIN reason being that we feels we had the wrong person,.
But ask yourself,why should you have to be with someone for a long time and at the end ,the two of you breaks up, the reason is simple, you made the mistake..

But before going to the mistakes, let's discuss the points to consider before going into any relationship,

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