8 Ways To Avoid sexual harrassment from lecturers in school.

Sexual harassment is one of the most rampart diseases of schools especially Nigerian Universities.
Sexual harrassment by lecturers

Many students are unknowingly caught up in the nets of dangerous lecturers, who force and threaten them with fire and brimstone until they have had their way. I have decided to share a few tips to help students avoid this malady.


1. Avoid unnecessary visits to lecturers:

Firstly, my dear Ladies, Stay away from lecturers by all means and by all course. I don't understand what Ladies mean by secretly going alone to a Lecturer's office in the name of "Please sir, explain blah blah blah, i didn't understand when you taught it in class.".

That's the best way to advertise yourselves to them. It's like you are fanning a flame. I don't understand people going to greet Lecturers in their offices, in the name of "They are contributing to our lives, let's say hi to them.".

The Police is protecting us, how many DPOs have you gone to say hi to in their offices? Stop being unnecessarily nice to them. Don't even greet them if it isn't convenient for you. Getting friendly with them puts you in a wrong position, education is business..

2. Dress Modestly:..

Your dress code matters a lot as a woman
Dress simply and neatly to class. Class is not a fashion audition stage for showing off extravagant makeup and clothes. Don't offer them gifts, don't buy them Pepsi and don't let them buy you Pepsi, reject and despise the free lunch.

Don't make yourself available for errands, how can you be buying electricity vouchers for a lecturer, or helping him go to a bank? What's your business with his laundry man, and why must you be the one who takes his laptops for repairs..

Avoid the lifts they offer, even if he is going to the same direction. See, my problem with many people is, they tend to feel that they are very special, that's why after a class 100 students attended, you are the only one special enough to be offered a lift. And you are not even refusing his offer because you are afraid of "Embarrassing" him. Well, have you thought about embarrassing yourself? .

3. Try to follow up lectures and class activities at the right time.

Finish your assignments on time so you don't have to go through the trouble of going to his office to personally submit it, and if you are late because of circumstances beyond your making, DO NOT GO ALONE. Don't or stop liking and commenting on their facebook posts, you are getting yourselves noticed. .

4. Always open up when any lecturer threatens you of failure:. .

Don't go to a lecturers office dressed like a killer, and you sit down smiling like a simpleton. How did he even get your number? They'll threaten you indirectly with "Failing" their courses if you refuses to offer them sex, but remember, almost all universities in Nigeria waves two courses for you. Just one course shouldn't hold you down if you want to get out of school. I tell people, there is nothing people hate as much as bad press, which is why you must publicise it. .

When i was in Uniben, someone told me she heard rumors that a lecturer was itching to sleep with a student, the student kept it as a secret and told only two of her friends, news got out anyway. I was furious when i heard it.

What is there to hide? You should be standing on a desk, grabbing a public address system and announcing it before the whole faculty, you should be telling roommates, hostel mates and even random people you meet anywhere about "Professor Johnbull" who is itching for access to your private cave.

Stop shielding them. Report them to other lecturers, preferably senior female lecturers, even though he'll deny they'll caution him and watch him in case he intends to sabotage your results..

5. Always study to avoid being tempted during exams :.

Stop being lazy, grab a book and read, if only to pass. Stop quoting "Give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar". If a lecturer asks to sleep with you, don't be afraid to ask him what he'll do if he discovers his wife sleeping with your coursemate.

You see the thing about rape and sexual harassment, people are naturally configured to prey on the weak. Be stern, look at him furiously and dangerously, tell him no, walk out. If he calls, record the conversations and if every means to restore him to his brains fail, share to groups.

Let the University know he is an animal. I have seen students demanding for lump sum of money to scare lecturers away, i know two ladies who even feigned STDs, and though these tactics worked, i do not suggest it for you, your NO should be NO. .


You have problems, visit professionals, if you cannot afford one, open your eyes to see people out there who'll gladly help you for free. It works me up to notice that many people are afraid of embarrassments, and then they make unforgivable mistakes. .

Talking about it with others will now even deter you from making that mistake.
What happens when the class discovers you are sleeping with a lecturer, You lose every respect you should have from coursemates.

 And usually, there is no way to redeem yourself from this shame till you die. People use you as an example, and who knows, it may come back to bite you in the butt, later on in life (The lady who sleeps with people to have her way). The pressure is hard, but the mistake is harder to bear. .

You'll leave school in a few years but the memory and the shame (if other students discover it) will live on forever. How many lecturers agree to HIV and STD testing before their devilish acts? You may just be exposing yourself to dangerous diseases, as you don't know if the professor is a walking dead.

How do you know he will not be recording the ordeal and sharing such videos amd audios with others and even on the internet. If you visit adult sites, you'll find so many videos posted by ordinary people (like you and me), they will edit the video so their faces won't be revealed and expose the faces of their partners, how sure are you that such meetings is private? .

7. Ask advice from parents or worthy friends:..

Talk to your parents, elder siblings etc, and if they are not the conducive types, get yourself a mature friend. Someone older and/or wiser to help guide you. I have older and younger friends, and I'll tell you from experience that usually, all older friends want is RESPECT.

Simply show them respect and they will be willing to guide you through troubles, you may be surprised that He or she may have gone through same or worse before.

This doesn't mean you should start respecting any older person or to start pouring down your rain of secrets to them, NO, Watch them, see how they behave, and ask yourself if they can act as your model, as well as if they are capable of keeping your trust. because telling your secrets or problems to the wrong people may just end up making the matter worse.

So therefore , you can tell them your problems from a third person's perspective. You can say you are asking for a friend Chioma who is too shy to seek help, you can also distort facts, so that the story wouldn't easily be traced to you.

 For example, if Professor Micheal in Uniben is sexually Harassing you, you can seek for aid by saying you are asking for Olanma, who is being pressured by Dr. Kehinde in OAU. Life is that simple, very very simple. You don't have to die with the unnecessary foolishness of trying to bear the burden of your mistakes alone. .

8. Finally, don't sleep with lecturers, that's not why you are in school.

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    A word is enough for the wise, don't wait till your a victim before you start applying the tips above.

    Please share this piece to others, especially to freshers. Many of whom are coming from homes were Women are valued little better than properties, where they are given the deadly orientation that a woman's role is beneath heels of men. Many have also been misled that you have to allow a Lecturer toy with your destiny before you can successfully graduate. .
    Thank you , Remain blessed.


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