Hot Temper: A silent killer, Tips on how to control a hot temper

Hot temperament is a common condition especially among women,which refers to over reacting when provoked by someone or something or easily getting angry, it can also be referred to as ANGER OF THE HIGHEST ORDER or simply AN ANGER WITHOUT CONTROL
Hot temperered man

Temperament is a natural value in every human being which enables us react with little mercy where necessary, but it becomes bad when we over reacts and allows our selves to be lost in anger
Hot temperament or hot temper for short is a very bad attitude usually as a result of lack of self control of our anger,

Causes of hot Temper

* Lack of Self control :. 

Self control is simply the ability of controlling yourself when your provoked, self control involves :.

*controlling your tongue ,that is knowing when to speak

*Knowing when to react etc

mostly ,People who becomes angry easily has the tendency of developing hot temper more easily, and if your the type that talks a lot, you will mostly be a victim,talking too much especially when quarreling with someone will only make you angrier, so lack of self control is one of the factors which makes people over react to certain things

* Hatred for someone:. 

Sometimes people easily gets annoyed with people they hate,and one thing about hating someone is that you will always become angry with anything they does, so mostly this affects people with house helps,

 if you examine your self well as a madam/Oga in the house,you'll find out that your always angry and shouting at your house help but gentle with your own kids,this is simply because you have no love for that your house help,
so for you to stop hot temper ,try to be at peace with everyone, love your neighbour as you love yourself,

I know this may be hard for some people, they will always say that their house helps or whomever that's making them angry always annoys them,and that's why they gets angry, but No,teach them gently, correct them repeatedly and soon they will learn, you can't get very angry to someone you love ,so try to love,care, be at peace with everyone, if you are offended, FORGIVE and move on with your life. If we obey this commandment it will help us conquer a lot in life

There are many more causes of hot temper, but I'll stop here for now.

Now let's discuss the dangers of hot temperament
Anger of a woman

Dangers of hot Temper

* It can lead to loss of memory:.

One thing about hot temper is that it doesn't show its side effects immediately, it will start slowly and gradually and before you knew it,

it has already damaged a lot in you, when we're in hot temper, all our body sense organs,especially the brain will all be tensed up,ready for action,hormones will be sporadically produced, our heart will beat faster and sometimes you may sweat to reduce the heat your body produced in the process, an at the end you may experience weakness,
if all this continues gradually ,your brain will be first affected, followed by your heart(high B.P) and the rest,

 so If you don't control yourself over hot temper, there's an extent you will reach and you'll find out that you now forgets easily, even as a graduate, you now finds it difficult to solve a primary school question, and as a student with hot temper ,you forgets easily after studying

if you think am lying ,develop a hot temper before an exam and let ur result prove it,
so all these are what hot temper can do to you, so stop it now before it gets late.

* It can lead you to injure someone deeply:.

There's a news I heard yesterday on the radio of a man who battered his child to death just because the child ate the food kept for the man , now some of you may say its the devil's work or that the man is stupid but No,

 if you examine that man well,you'll see that the man didn't actually mean to kill his child but due to HOT TEMPER ,he couldn't control himself ,he may have hit the child badly with a heavy something leading to the child's death which he didn't expect, So have you seen what hot temperament can do to you?

it can lead you to do foolish things which you will regret later, So what am trying to say is that Hot temperament can scatter your life and make you do stupid things, so try to avoid it for your own good.

Now let's discuss how to control and perhaps stop it finally

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How to control a hot temper

* Don't speak when your angry:. 
like i said before ,speaking when angry will only fuel up or boost your anger ,Speaking out of anger could be dangerous because you will say hurting words and also you can't easily keep quit when you starts .

Even when someone keeps insulting you ,don't mind them,their words and curses are nothing if you didn't offend them,so don't try to retaliate over insults from people rather just step away from them and go somewhere else if you can't control yourself anymore .

* Love :.

when I say" love " I mean treating everyone the way you will like to be treated, when you love someone, no matter how much they offends you, you will hardly get angry and even when you do, it won't be a hot one, if you do this ,automatically peace ,happiness etc will fill your life.

secondly ,you must also learn to forgive easily, this will help ease your mind and help you be happy always.

* Water therapy :.

There was a woman who has been a victim of hot temper, she always quarrelled with her husband everyday out of anger, One day she approached a priest for solution to her hot temper problem,

the priest gave her a bottle of water and told her that anytime she's angry with her husband and her husband starts shouting at her ,she should take a mouthful of the water and hold it in her mouth without swallowing it until she's no more angry at that moment, the priest told her that if she does this without missing a dose ,that her hot temper will stop, the woman believed it and took the water home

she did as instructed and would held a mouthful of water whenever she's angry, her husband will shout at her till he's tired but she won't say anything but will only keep looking at him like a dumb person because of the water in her mouth, as time goes by, her husband stopped shouting in anger since his wife is now always calm,
this continued day by day till one day the woman was able to control her temper

without the water in her mouth,she now became calm like never before,she now talk thing things over with her husband without shouting at each other, and they lived happily ever after, when she returned to the priest to thank him,
the priest said, "Anybody who can control her tongue when angry can easily control his/ her temper" that's why I gave you that water to help control your tongue.

So therefore you also can try this water therapy, it can help you, but always have this in mind also NEVER SPEAK OUT WHEN YOUR HOT TEMPERED this is one of the first steps in stopping hot temper.

* Walk away if you cant control your self:. 

If you have tried all the steps above but still can't control your temper ,then the best thing for you to do is to walk out of sight from whatever provoked you.

Anger is a feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind..

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow..

And the last but not the least ,Pray to God to help you overcome this burden, For he hears those who cry onto him.

May your days be filled with Joy.

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