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9 signs you’ve found Your perfect man(Mr. Right)

This one is for the ladies. We all want to find the perfect soul mate, I have certainly found my Mr. Right and after a lot of heartbreaks too, it’s not easy finding someone who’s just made for you.

A lot of you will say that there is no such thing as a perfect partner, but the right person does exist for you.
Here are 12 signs that tell you you’ve found your Mr. Right, let’s begin.

1. He’s genuinely interested in your life

When a man cares about you with a pure heart, he will be very interested in your life, he’ll pay a strong level of attention to your goals and your dreams and he will always support you throughout your endeavours.

He will whole-heartedly listen to you when you discuss something about your life and you will never feel like you’re boring him or he’s not interested. When a man loves you, he loves you for everything you represent.

He loves your habits, he loves your friends, he loves your flaws and your weaknesses, and he loves your life and is always interested in w…

15 Ways To Tell If Your Ex Still Likes You And Wants You Back.

In many cases even after the breakup, people do not move on. Some people are really good at hiding their feelings whereas others are not so good.

However, there are some very indications through which one may be able to tell if their ex wants them back or not. These hints aren’t necessarily thrown by all the people because some people like to keep the fact hidden that they like their ex. Here is a list of multiple indications through which you can tell if your ex still has the hots for you.

Remember, if there are multiple indications that is when your ex genuinely wants you back, but if there are just a few of those indications then there is a fair possibility that he doesn’t want you back and he is just being polite.
15 signs that your ex still loves you1. Makes excuses to see you

If your ex is using all kinds of excuses in order to see you or even to be around you for just a few minutes then that means that your ex is still into you. These excuses can be something like returnin…

6 Things You Can Do For Your Partner That Are More Intimate and lovely Than Sex:

Many people thought that sex is the only way to show love and affection to someone but unfortunately its not.

 Sex is NOT the most intimate thing in a relationship! A lot of times, people will limit their perceptions of physical intimacy with other people to that of what takes place in the bedroom.

These people have to understand that physical intimacy shouldn’t be limited to some playful action underneath the sheets. Intimacy can manifest itself in various shapes and forms that don’t necessarily have to be sexual. Every experienced couple in a relationship knows that intimacy is a vital part of shaping and forming a healthy romantic union.

 A relationship that is devoid of intimacy is practically a very dull friendship. There is no denying that sexual explorations are a whole lot of fun, but they don’t have a monopoly on what it means to be intimate with another person. If you are still lost and don’t know how to go about being intimate with your partner aside from having sex with ea…

14 Signs That You are a Terrible Girlfriend which may make your Man to dump you.

Let's take a look at some ugly attitudes of some ladies which may ruin their relationships and make them still single at 40.
Ladies, we all make mistakes and it’s very human to accept those mistakes. To err is human. How many of you are guilty of these? We’ve all experienced those bad relationships that didn’t turn out the way that we planned.

The main culprit for relationships not working out is just having two people who don’t respond well to each other. In some cases, the lack of appropriate emotional response is mutual.  But in most cases, it only takes one person to rock the boat. So how do you know that you’re not the one in your relationship that’s trying to tear the two of you apart?

Here are 14 signs that you are a terrible girlfriend.1. You still flirt with other men.
. Why would you still be flirting with other men if you’re already in a relationship? Where’s your commitment at? Do you think it would feel nice knowing that your boyfriend was still out flirting with o…